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Rib-step, allowing easy access from the water to your rib inflatable


Rib inflatable boat boarding aid

The Rib-Step is an economical solution to getting back into your rib or inflatable from the water.

Available for only £39.95, including postage to a UK address

contact me for further information.

Rib-Step - as supplied to the London 2012 Olympic
Paralympic Games

Please note: The RIB-STEP is not a ladder; it is a ONE-STEP UP (leg-up) and should hang about 50cm below the water line. The second step is designed for children's use.

Two short videos showing the rib-step being used:

  • A useful safety item to carry, to assist Man Over Board.
  • Useful for smaller ribs/inflatables where there is not enough space to fit a ladder
  • Fully adjustable to meet most fixing positions on a variety of ribs/ inflatables from tenders upwards. Max length is 1.3m. Min. length is 0.5m
    The fixing point needs to be sound and substantial enough to take the weight of the user. A dedicated fixing eye could be fixed to the transom.
    (Extra long can be supplied at a small extra cost. Contact me .)
  • Rot proof with all plastic /polyester/nylon materials.
  • Made with 2 inch webbing which lays flat on inflatable tubes and is comfortable on bare feet.
  • Compact, flexible and easily stowed and once adjusted to the size required, is clipped in place in seconds.
  • Double strapping on the treads to keep the step open, allows easy foot insertion.
  • All new rib-steps now have a 316 stainless steel buckle rated at 1000kg. Some of the photos show the older plastic buckle but new purchases are all supplied with the higher rated metal buckle.
  • Steps clearly visible when in the water
  • ... a much cheaper alternative than stainless steel!
Multiple methods of attaching the Rib-Step

The pictures below show examples of different ways that the Rib-Step can be attached to your inflatable. Clicking on an image will open a larger image. The carabiner or shackle is not supplied with the Rib-Step.

Available for only £39.95, including postage to a UK address

BUY NOW or contact me for any further information.